“Practice Qigong: Discover, Move and Cultivate your Vital Energy!”

It was the fall of 1995 and the doctors diagnosed my father with advanced laryngeal cancer.  As he consulted specialists and received chemotherapy I searched for solace. Chan Zhang, a spirited Qigong practitioner taught me how to move like a Crane, and emphasized daily practice.  The Crane Style that I learned with her that fall and winter became my anchor; thirty minutes of conscious movement each morning and my breath would deepen, my joints loosen and a smile rise to my face. An August morning in 1996 I practiced near my father as he rested in his bed; my arms felt heavier as I lifted them like a Crane on the water.  Change was in the air: eight hours later my father took his last breath and an invisible substance departed from his body.

Qigong is attending to this mysterious force that animates us.  Breathe deeply, align your body, and focus on your sensations; you have now begun your Qigong practice!  We build our unique Qi from air, food, interactions and the imprint of our ancestors.  Originating in ancient China, Qigong is the art of cultivating and affecting our Qi through breath, movement and visualization to maintain health, treat illness, energize blood and vital organs, improve posture, stabilize moods, and enliven the spirit.

The acupuncture clients to whom I also teach Qigong consistently report how their practice magnifies the physical ease, alertness, hope and joy awakened in the treatment room.  I am in awe each time a beginning Qigong student discovers the warm and vibrating field between their palms as we practice holding a ball of qi. I offer modified instructions for seated practice and welcome people of all physical abilities and experience levels.

I invite you to visualize Qi circulating through major acupuncture points in your body and discover your own healing power.


Group Classes

Invite Lucía G. Perillán, M.Ac., L.Ac., RCST to teach a class at your workplace, school, community center or place of worship.

Private Classes

Build your own conscious practice with individualized exercises carefully selected to address your needs and abilities.

Build Qi in community or on your own, and awaken your own, unique and powerful healing power!