Chinese Herbal Medicine

Historical Origins: “Where your Mind goes, Qi follows”

Chinese Herbal Medicine dates back to ancient times when Shamanistic healers, or Wu, who were mostly women, used plant songs to provide greater insight into reality and consciousness and thereby invoke change. “Change the mind, and you will change the illness”.

The patron saint of Herbal Medicine is Shen Nung/ Divine Farmer (3494 BC) is depicted with the sun in one hand and the moon in the other. The first major Herbal Materia Medica carries his name and dates back to the Han period (206 BC- 25 AD). From its origins, Chinese Herbal Medicine has focused on prevention; Shen Nung’s Ben Cao/ The Divine Farmer’s Herbal Book includes three grades of herbs:

  • Upper Grade to nourish and prolong life
  • Middle Grade to supplement nature, and
  • Lower Grade to cure disease.

Ju Hua/Chrysanthemum is an upper grade herb that makes the body lighter and retards aging. It is a flower that can withstand wind, cold and early frost and thereby useful for winter colds. Ju Hua symbolizes steadfastness in spite of uncertainties and can also relieve tightness in the nape of the neck and pain in the eyes.

A Modern Medicine

Each herb has a personality and a role determined by its nature, taste, affinity, and direction. Herbs are used in combination with each other to increase their effectiveness. Mind in Heart Acupuncture carefully consider the needs and constitution of each patient to create an appropriate formula.

Since the inception of the People’s Republic of China in 1949 research has been underway on the effects of herbs when used alone and in combination with pharmaceutical drugs. Current research findings demonstrate efficacy of Chinese Herbs in the treatment of the common cold, cardiovascular disease, infertility and women’s health, dermatology and many other specialties.

Quality and Safety

Natural does not mean safety and more does not mean better. Chinese Herbs and other non-pharmaceutical healing agents must be used appropriately with respect and caution, under the supervision of a qualified practitioner. Mind in Heart Acupuncture ensures the safety and effectiveness of herbs by working with reputable and trustworthy pharmacies.