Root and Branch

The symptoms that bring a person to treatment are like the branches of the tree, they are out in the open. The causes often lie hidden, like the roots beneath the ground. To be effective, proper treatment must address the branch and the root, the presenting symptom and the underlying cause.

When we tend both our branches and our roots, our Qi is abundant and flows smoothly we feel little or no pain, have good stamina and experience greater peace of mind. In the words of Ancient Master Sun Si Miao:

 “When we are well we look forward to getting up
in the morning and to going to bed at night!”

 Qi (vital energy, “chee”) flows through our bodies along trajectories to protect, transform, nourish, warm, support and animate our entire being. We each make our Qi from the air we breathe, our food and drink, our interactions and the imprints of our ancestors.

Indicators that our Qi is depleted, obstructed or that our resources are compromised may include:

Physical symptoms such as:

  • aches,
  • pain related to injuries or repetitive strain,
  • chronic fatigue,
  • allergies,
  • insomnia,
  • reproductive issues,
  • unresolved and lingering respiratory conditions,
  • digestive distress,
  • circulatory problems

Emotional suffering such as:

  • severe sadness,
  • irritability,
  • worry,
  • unresolved grief,
  • fears or paranoia,
  • addictions;

Spiritual indicators such as:

  •  lack of hope,
  • despair, or
  • detachment

Traditional Chinese Healing Arts Treatments

Because we build our unique Qi, or energy, from food and air, our breathing and movement, our meditation and rest and our nourishment are the foundations of Life and well-being. These lifestyle practices are our primary medicine:

Breathing and meditation, or Qigong

(Qi is breath and gong is work) is the art of cultivating and affecting our Qi through breath and movements.

Dietary Medicine

includes a careful study of our digestive strengths and weaknesses and the foods and drinks, which will enhance the function of our body, mind and spirit.

When we are depleted or have obstructions (pain, irregular growths, chronic illness, insomnia, digestive disorders, reproductive challenges, etc.), we require support from a qualified practitioner skilled in therapeutic interventions, which include:



Licensed acupuncturist Lucía G. Perillán, M.Ac., L.Ac., Dipl.Ac. treats therapeutic points along the body with thin sterile needles and a nourishing herb called moxa to decongest and enhance the flow and function of Qi and cultivate wellness.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

is the use of safe, therapeutic grade plants, minerals and animal products to prolong life, enhance physiological function and resolve illness.

Cranialsacral Biodynamics